Ita Eng Fra Entra in Ambrogioitalia

Catambra - La pianta antizanzara per eccellenza

Natural protection against mosquitoes


Vegetal product with Catambra ® extract. This vegetal preparation has got high biological properties, it exercises a protective action for skin and it is recommended for a natural protection from external biological agents (also mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and mites).

Catambra ® with other contained vegetal extracts are naturally active and push away Mosquitoes.

Then, this spray contains Vitamin B1 or hydrochloride thiamine. In some authors' opinion, the regular use of this vitamin could protect body and reject a lot of annoying insects. It could give to body and skin transpiration some olfactory features that repel insects, human and animal parasites; it can cover, modify, correct or minimize some smells which can attract insects. It is composed by natural and harmless substances, which give "not tempting" features to insects or similar ones.

  • Catambra
  • Manuka
  • Grapefruit
  • Neem oil
  • Vitamin B patented complex

To apply when needed.