Ita Eng Fra Entra in Ambrogioitalia

Catambra - La pianta antizanzara per eccellenza

Advice to get the best from your Catambra

  • Catambra can be grown in both soils and pots.
  • This plant can be positioned in the sun and in the shade.
  • The Catalpol emanated is very volatile. For a greater effectiveness, it is better to limit the area with more than a plant only; the plants have to be put at a distance between 1 and 3 meters depending on their size and the wideness of the area to be protected.
  • The efficacy of the repellent action is proportional to the wideness of the foliage plant, so it is better not to prune it often.
  • The plant doesn't grow in height; only its foliage and stem swell.
  • If you want to buy shade plants, we suggest buying tall-stem plants.

Esempi di disposizione ottimale di piante di Catambra per interni ed esterni

1° Planimetria interno                2° Planimetria interno                3° Planimetria interno                1° Planimetria balconi                2° Planimetria balconi                3° Planimetria balconi                1° Planimetria esterni