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Catambra - La pianta antizanzara per eccellenza


The advantages in new biotechnologies allow ornamental plants to be used for specific purposes, thus going beyond their only ornamental function. That's why there are a lot of possibilities for the future. However the natural biodiversity still has potential to be exploited without having to turn to genetic-molecular laboratories.

There has always been scepticism towards natural remedies because of the effectiveness of chemical treatments available and probably because of the difficulty in arranging mass reproduction processes capable of industrializing the plant sector.

On the contrary, nowadays since people do care and try to protect their health and safeguard the environment they live in, plants which improve the quality of life are becoming successful and are arousing interest.

Our company, sensitive to this new trend, has carried out researches to single out and increase the value of ornamental plants with these additional functions obtaining results that can be used where parasites are a real plague.

Experimental Centre for Floriculture

The power of Catambra, European patent 2006/011, has developed and increased in Giovanni Ambrogio's nursery.

This plant, which is distinguished by a content of catalpol four times superior to the average, repels mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquitoes too, and is therefore considered absolutely necessary to avoid annoying invasions, which can also be dangerous.

Identified by DNA Finger Printing analysis (genetic fingerprint), Catambra grows well in every kind of soil and exposure. The more plants you have the more powerful the repellent effect will be.

"Catambra", explains nurseryman Giovanni Ambrogio, "has got a repellent effect which is scientifically proved against six -leg insects , thus including flies. But our focus is on prevention as a lot of public and private bodies are asking us to reclaim vast areas of parks. We are also in contact with different municipalities. We are concluding projects with towns such as Castel Mella (Bs), Seriate (Bg) and Sesto ed Uniti (Cr), but others are under way such as in Offlaga (Bs) or Capriano (Bs).

It is a great satisfaction to help solve such a nuisance, which is often underestimated.