Ita Eng Fra Entra in Ambrogioitalia

Catambra - La pianta antizanzara per eccellenza


Catambra - la pianta antizanzare

Years ago, during a trip along River Po, Giovanni Ambrogio, an enterprising and inventive plants grower from Leno, in the province of Brescia, conceived the idea of a plant capable of repelling mosquitoes.

As a matter of fact, he had spotted a small strip of land facing the river, in the province of Cremona, that was not infested by the disturbing insect.

Ambrogio studied the vegetation around the area and developed a project regarding a mosquito repellent plant.

Such project was implemented in a courtyard tree and in a version purposefully intended for flats, awaiting grant of patent, due in a short while as stated by the inventor.

All people who have tested the plant selected by Ambrogio are there to testify its unquestionable reliability.

No more fumigators, Vape strips, electronic mosquito repellents, sprays and any other types of more or less toxic insecticides.

Should the expectations be met, mosquitoes shall be kept at bay in a natural manner by means of plants also used for decorating courtyards, balconies and terraces.

«See it with your own eyes» ensures the plant grower who declines disclosing the name of the plant till the definite grant of the patent.

In the meanwhile, after years of devotion to plants and selecting officinal herbs, Giovanni Ambrogio - currently teaming up with his son Marino - has built a website for illustrating the marvels of his invention.

Article written by Vittoriano Zanolli which appeared on the local regional daily "Il Giornale di Brescia", on Tuesday 7th November 2006.