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Catambra - La pianta antizanzara per eccellenza


Beware of imitations!

We know that some companies sell plants similar to Catambra which are NOT the original Catambra ones!

The original Catambra:

  1. has an indelible stamp on its trunk
  2. a label, which cannot be torn away, on its foliage

Catambra is also protected by a European Patent.

If some of these details are missing, the plant is a fake!

If you think that your Catambra is not original, do not hesitate to contact us on +39/030/906285 or send us an e-mail at



Catambra is a European patent belonging to Ambrogio srl. Beware of those who sell Catalpa Bungei as if it were Catambra.

Those who will do it or will grow Catambra without the permission of Ambrogio srl will be punished according to the law.

The original Catambra is always sold together with its brand and a label which can't be ripped off.

Catambra is the only plant able to keep mosquitoes away in a natural way, ensuring you and your family an effective protection. This plant belongs to the Bignognacea's family, coming from northern America and, thanks to the high quantity of Catalpol, a natural substance, it has got a repellent action against mosquitoes.

Catambra is a surprising plant which doesn’t require any special care and it easily adapts. It can grow in soil or pot and can be put in the sun or in the shade, it doesn’t smell; it doesn’t flourish and it doesn’t grow in height; only its stem and foliage swell. Its repellent action extends to an area that is twice its foliage, so it is not necessary to prune it several times. More foliage means more protection.

Laboratory analysis carried out from the Experimental Centre for Floriculture confirm that Catambra contains a quantity of Catalpole that is four times superior to any other specimen and it is particularly effective to keep mosquitoes away, including tiger mosquitoes that have been infesting Italy for some years.

Experimental Centre for Floriculture

It contains repellent four times superior to any other specimen.

It is tested by HPLC analysis.

It is identified by DNA Finger Printing.

Catambra (Ambrogio’s Catalpa) is guaranteed by the trade mark Ambrö’s plants and by the European Patent no. EU27931.

Marchio Europeo

Technical characteristics

  • bignognacea’s family
  • origin: North America
  • maximum height: m 3.5
  • maximum width of its foliage: m 4-5
  • shape of its foliage: rounded
  • range of action of repellence: twice its foliage
  • exposure: both in the sun and shade
  • it doesn’t need pruning
  • it doesn’t flourish
  • it is scentless
  • it has caduceus leaves