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Catambra - La pianta antizanzara per eccellenza

Some advice

  • Catambra can be grown in both soils and pots.
  • This plant can be positioned in the sun and in the shade.
  • The Catalpol emanated is very volatile. For a greater effectiveness, it is better to limit the area with more than a plant only; the plants have to be put at a distance between 1 and 3 meters depending on their size and the wideness of the area to be protected.
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The anti-mosquito plant par excellence

Catambra is the only plant able to keep mosquitoes away in a natural way, ensuring you and your family an effective protection. This plant belongs to the Bignognacea's family, coming from northern America and, thanks to the high quantity of Catalpol, a natural substance, it has got a repellent action against mosquitoes.


Beware of imitations!

Original Catambra is guaranteed by the European Patent and it is recognizable thanks to the anti-rip label on its foliage with a special control code and an indelible brand on its trunk.

If some of these details are missing, the plant is not original.

If you think that your Catambra is not original, please contact us on 030 906285 or send us an email at

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